A little pat on the back for Memorable Morning Teas

“The cafes sound wonderful–the opportunity for people living with dementia to connect and remain engaged with the larger community is of incredible value–I believe it will eventually be shown to slow the course of progression for many such people.I applaud your work.”

Dr Allen Power.  Author of Dementia beyond Drugs


Just recently I held a Memorable Morning Tea for people living with dementia and their supportive partners – and look who found out about it – the amazing Dr Al Power, all the way from America! What an absolute pleasure it was for me to receive his email!

It was a lovely morning, filled with laughter, a great environment, with supportive cafe staff who had an understanding of the value of great communication, unconditional love and having the opportunity of feeling special to complete strangers.

I plan to hold a Memorable Morning Teas once every month in the Perth Northern  and Eastern suburbs in 2017, as well as some other community events for all to attend to enable an inclusive and understanding community for people living with dementia and their supportive partners.

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