Memories from objects

“Memory is a child walking along a seashore.  You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things.”
–  Pierce Harris


We preserve the past and speak to the future through the things we treasure and the memories they evoke.

From this, when working with loved ones living with dementia and invoking memories, using objects is a great start.

When using objects, it doesn’t matter if the name of the item isn’t remembered, or what the object is used for, so asking what or why is often frustrating to start with- once the memories start flowing, this may come.  Use questions such as “How does this speak to you?”, “What do you feel when you hold this?” or “I  bet this brings back some thoughts, tell me about this…”

When out and about in the community, so many experiences are made for the person living with dementia only or their supportive partner only, so the experiences of positive interactions with the world between couples are often lost.  Many of the couples that I have worked with say that this is what they miss the most – the opportunity to do things together to initiate joy, new conversations and happy memories together.

Here in Perth, Western Australia, the Western Australian Museum is offering Objects and Memories Tours for people living with dementia and their supportive partners.

I also hold Memorable Morning teas every 3 months to encourage couples and families to utilise Memory friendly Cafes.  See my Events page for the next dates.

I would love to know of other businesses or entities around the world that are enabling people living with dementia to have the opportunity to remain engaged with the community in a supportive environment, whilst also enabling their support partners to experience the positive outcomes of these experiences by being able to join them.

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