International Day of Happiness

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. 


Today, the 20th of March is International Happiness Day.

It comes with a little sadness in my heart that we have to be reminded to be happy, and only for one day – but the team from Action for Happiness have certainly made it easy this year to celebrate and encourage many actions for happiness.

In my experience when working with people living with dementia, it is an innate need to be happy, and to support others to feel happy too. Our spirit is driven to happiness in many unique ways, and ultimately it is another way of saying “I REALLY care about being here with you!”

“Well-being” is fast becoming the buzzword that we hear in every facet of supporting the elderly and disabled, but “happiness” seems to be a factor of well-being that is often overlooked in the planning of support for clients. Bearing this in mind, it is up to us to advocate for our loved ones and stand up for happiness. Let everyone know what makes your loved one laugh, smile, giggle, get in touch with their inner child and be free to be unconditionally happy. And remember, it does not take a lot of effort to do this – It is often the small things that bring out the smiles!

Today, I have a pocket full of Compliment Cards to hand out to whomever I meet; it doesn’t matter if they are a stranger, lover, co-worker, acquaintance, friend or foe – my aim today is to empty my pockets and fill others hearts with joy (which is my aim every day – but hey, why not do it on a much more physical level for a change?). Today I choose to find time to lose myself in what I love – Supporting people just to be happy.

Have a brilliant day. With much love, Bianca



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