Is it really Telstra calling?

Recently I have been receiving more and more calls from scammers on my home and mobile phone. I have a private unlisted number for my home and I am also on the Do Not Call Register. for all of my numbers, so it really intrigues me as to how they access my number or whether they are just dialing randomly.

This thought aside, as a person who is naturally suspicious and able to ask the right questions, my “Telstra technician” usually hangs up pretty quickly.

But what about those that are more vulnerable to the threats of disconnection that these people make?

If you are unsure, hang up and contact Telstra.

Also, if you are unsure of how to manage your computers internet settings, have a trusted person that you can rely on to manage them with you.

I have found this pamphlet online that may be of assistance

Is it really Telstra Calling