Care planning – a possibility oriented approach

Imagine the possibility of having a support plan designed specifically for yourself or your loved one that empowered rather than disabled.

Living with dementia or other disabilities is hard enough without having to answer repeated questions every day or every time that someone comes into contact with you.

Let’s design a personalised plan together that has well set out instructions and an idea of what is easy for you to do independently, what needs to be done with you and what you are willing to have done for you.

A life lived with opportunities to engage abilities and have your limitations supported is one of meaning, purpose and satisfaction.

Imagine a simple conversational 15-20 minute assessment that can give you an accurate idea of the strengths that you still have and the areas of limitations  in which you may need support in your every day life.

This assessment is more than a standard GP memory test, which usually does not help in the way you live your life, it is an opening for all to see possibility in every part of the way you live.

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