Support for Family and Community

“It’s no use to go back to yesterday,

because I was a different person then.”

Lewis Carrol – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

I work with many families on how to understand the true essence of the person living with dementia.

This is done in a gentle way that enables not only the person living with dementia the ability to express themselves and have their needs understood, but also gives you as the supportive partner the ability to see behind the persons challenges, looking for the qualities  and strengths that still remain, or may even be new to you and your loved one.

We all have wishes and dreams – this is no different for the person living with dementia.

For the home carer, I have practical solutions to daily challenges and can support you to develop an environment in which the person with dementia, and you as their carer, can thrive.

I am happy to work individually with you as the primary support person, and also with your extended support network such as family and friends, as well as formal support networks, such as support workers from Aged Care Package Providers.

If your loved one is the recipient of an Aged Care Package, it is possible that my costs can be covered under this scheme.

If you are not aware of what an Aged Care Package is, and are looking to know more, I am very happy to assist you in this process as well.

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