Essential Oils & Aromatouch Technique

I have seen the amazing results from aromatherapy and good quality essential oils on many people, including myself!

I am a supplier for DoTerra Essential Oils as they are recognised as being some of the highest quality oils available on the market at present. Also the company supports the communities that they source the oils from in ways that build community education and wealth, sharing my ethics of giving back.

Essential oils have benefits on relaxing or focusing the mind and there are many, many benefits for the body as well.

I am a Certified Aromatouch Practitioner and have seen the beautiful effects of this technique improve wellbeing.  The sessions will have you feeling dreamy for hours, as well as having the long term benefits of natural oils working through your system. Book your session here.

To learn more about how smells relate back to our memories click here.

Here are my Favourite oils to use – I use them separately or as blends, depending on the individual and their need at this very moment.

Ask me for a free Aromatouch hand massage when we meet.New logo- 201608
It would be my pleasure to offer you this small gift – You deserve it!


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