Support For You

This area is for you if you are having challenges with your memory and are looking for positive ways to overcome them.

By working with you to realise your human potential and have it recognised by others, relationships can be healed and the future can look a lot brighter for both you and your support networks.  

We do this together by:-

  • Working on your abilities rather than deficits in a compassionate way that encourages empowerment and enables you to remain independent in as many of your life choices as possible
  • Education for your entire family  and friends that are important to you on understanding how to support you in the best possible way – getting your wants and desires met
  • Meetups with other people with the same challenges in a supportive and fun environment.
  • Access to professionals that have the same ethics and integrity as Heart to Heart Connections, and who can assist you with financial and legal planning to ensure that you are kept safe and have choice as to who you would like to manage your finances and assets.

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