Health Care

When working together to meet your needs in the physical way, we will be looking for opportunities for you to live life to its fullest potential, now and in the future.

By looking at your life in a way that truly encompasses the individual that you are, Heart to Heart Connections can support you in remaining independent, being safe in your environment and being the best version of yourself.

With ideas, support and connections that enable you to manage your own well-being and health, together we can find ways to :-

  • Look beyond your diseases, disabilities, differences and encompassing your strengths and abilities whilst working on how you can live the best life in this moment.
  • Source a provider that wants to know you as an individual, with your own needs, wants and desires – matching staff to your personality and interests.
  • Plan discharge from hospital so that you are able to return to the best version of yourself – or even better.
  • Support you with managing your medications so that you know that you are able to be independent and safe.
  • Work with your GP and other Allied Health professionals for your best outcomes

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