I am extremely proud of my accomplishments with elders, including people living with dementia and their supportive partners and families, as well as formal carers and companies that have used me for education purposes.

All of the people listed are happy to verify these testimonials on request.

On this very hard road in caring for your wife with early onset dementia it was so special to have someone who can help you and be beside you along the way. Bianca has exceptional expertise in helping all involved in dealing with the forms, the available services, the facilities and the emotional roller coaster that we ride. Her advice is always practical and usable and I was so pleased that I was able to find her to support me, my family and friends. Thank you Bianca. Terry, Husband, Nedlands – June 2018

Just wanted to let you know how very much I and my family appreciate all of your assistance and support with placing my 92year old mum in a warm comfortable and caring environment.

From filling out paperwork, guidance and support, you provided a friendly and professional service.

I’m sure that Mum is now feeling happier and safer in her new forever home. Dawn, daughter, Greenwood – May 2018

You are a mine field of information and I am so grateful for your assistance. Glenys, daughter, Mundaring – November 2017

You helped us immensely.  Mike, son, Wembley –  August 2017

My family and I wish to thank Bianca from Heart to Heart connections and recommend her to anyone challenged with the care of their beloved aged relatives.  Our mum has been declining in recent times due to some cognitive impairment which affects her overall health. She was hospitalised recently awaiting transitional care and was really unhappy ( hospitals great for medical, not so great social ) when a permanent home was offered from one of the many applications Bianca sent out. It was such a relief for all of us. We are so grateful for her caring, compassionate, valuable work behind the scenes and advice. She is a delight to deal with!

Bianca, we wish you well with your much needed business and thank you once again, regards, Mary, daughter, Alkimos – May 2017

The (Memorable Morning Tea)cafes sound wonderful–the opportunity for people living with dementia to connect and remain engaged with the larger community is of incredible value–I believe it will eventually be shown to slow the course of progression for many such people.I applaud your work .  Dr Al Power-geriatrician & author of Dementia beyond Drugs & Dementia beyond Disease – December 2016

“Thank you very much for sending through all the information and web site links. It was very nice to meet you, both (my wife) and myself felt comfortable in your company and we feel so much more positive about where we are currently and optimistic that we’ll cope in the future.Keith, husband, Joondalup – November 2016

“You have always been a great inspiration for me in this field – thank you for being you”. Fiona, carer, Noranda – October 2016

“My only regret is that we didn’t know about you earlier, so you could have guided us sooner through our journey with dementia. You have changed my relationship with mum from a unpleasant one of yelling out of frustration ,when I couldn’t understand her “behaviours” to one of mutual trust.  You are always on my shoulder each time I walk into her room. Talk slowly, allow her time to answer ,but not too long that she feels you are treating her like a child. Thank you for spoon feeding us with with the immense knowledge you have on dementia .  The well being profile you created for mum was so accurate and an awesome tool for us and anyone who cares for mum. They get to “know ” mum with a quick read when I’m not there to explain how mum ticks, and will be very important if she becomes non verbal.  You certainly have a gift sifting through the noise of dementia , showing us a positive way to share mums new future with her.  Thankyou from the bottom of my family’s heart .  All I can say to people with a family member with dementia, the sooner you get Bianca on board the better ,she will sincerely and passionately guide you through this daunting time.” Maggie, daughter, Madeley- September 2016

“So glad you have started this service Bianca.  You are absolutely awesome and I am sure all of your clients will be blessed to have you looking after them. we were lucky to have you look after Mum”. Dina, daughter, Floreat – September 2016

“You give so much of yourself to help the people who need it the most. The passion you have for people is truly a gift of love.
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the special things you did to make it easier for me to look after mum. To say that you will be missed is an understatement.
You not only care for the people, you care for and support the families that are struggling to understand what is happening. You have so much compassion in your heart, love and understanding and generosity –  you clearly love what you do.” Chrissy, daughter, Joondalup – July 2016

“My sister and I are forever grateful for your continuous support and advice over the past couple of years”  Denise, daughter, Scarborough – March 2016

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me.  I have learnt how to be patient, how to look at someone and see who they really are and how to have fun and joy at just being alive”. Catherine, Carer, Joondalup – March 2016